New speciality resin for waterproofing under asphalt pavements


Bottrop, 1 March 2018. MC-Bauchemie has developed a special high-temperature-resistant resin for use as a primer, scratch coat and sealant under asphalt pavements on concrete. The special red-transparent polyurethane resin MC-DUR LF 680 cures quickly and reliably regardless of moisture and temperature influences. It offers short reaction and over-working times and allows a complete waterproofing campaign to be carried out in a single day.

Bridge deck slabs and caps as well as parking decks need to be sealed in order to effectively protect the concrete surface and load-bearing structure from surface water and de-icing salts – for a longer service lifetime. Waterproofing with bitumen sheeting under the asphalt layer has proved to be the best method for this. In order to create a friction-free interface between membrane and substrate, substrate pre-treatment with a reaction resin is indispensable.

MC-DUR LF 680 for same-day completion, even in poor weather
In contrast to conventional epoxy resins with their sensitivity to moisture and long curing times, MC-DUR LF 680 – the new special polyurethane resin from MC-Bauchemie – simultaneously serves as a primer, scratch coat and sealant at temperatures of down to 2 °C and in high humidity. It can even be used on a slightly moist substrate. The red-transparent speciality resin has a reaction time of approx. 20 minutes (at 20 °C and a relative humidity of 50 percent) and an overworking time of one hour rising to around just two and a half hours at 2 °C. This enables very fast application of the waterproofing membranes beyond anything previously witnessed in this segment – and without carbamate formation, a problem that can occur when using standard epoxy resins. MC-DUR LF 680 is worked and applied like any other conventional epoxy resin, but without the need for catalysts or other additives. The speciality resin can be used in conjunction with virtually all known bitumen sheet types, with its compatibility and efficacy proven and certified by Kiwa GmbH. 

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